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Synthetic Winch Tether

Our custom marine-grade Falcon winches are designed to hold their load. But we recommend that you use a winch tether so you can relax the load on the internal gearing and parts of the winch over long periods. And of course, it is always a good idea to have a secondary way of holding your PWC while your houseboat or yacht is underway, especially in rough water.

You can use any kind of rope or even a length of chain as a tether. We offer a synthetic tether with a loop on one end to make it easy to tie as described below. This is the same synthetic rope used on the winch drums. It is stronger than steel cable and doesn't stretch like most ropes. You don't want to use a rope that stretches for this purpose.

Our Winch Tethers are $20. But if you place your order in August we will include it FREE with your order.

The following pictures and captions describe the simplest and easiest way to attach the Winch Tether.


Next is a top view. Be sure that your Tether always goes around the head bolts as shown. Don't ever let it slip up around the red clutch knob. This is especially important when you install the Tether over the Sunbrella cover.

Installing the Sunbrella cover needs to be done in the following order.

1) With your PWC winched up to within 1/4 inch of the winch, and the control handle still connected, slip the Sunbrella cover over the top of the winch and fit it around the head.

2) Hook the blue Tether over the Sunbrella cover and winch head. Make sure it is not merely over the clutch knob.

3) Press the OUT button so that the winch relaxes and the Tether is holding the load.

4) Unplug the control handle.

5) slip the Sunbrella cover under the winch and snap the button around the winch line.

If you have any other questions about these instructions or our PWC Rails, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can call me directly at 937-985-5863 (Eastern USA), or send an email to

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