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Tilt-Up PWC Rails

Our Tilt-Up Rails have become the industry-preferred system for many reasons. They make it easy to load your PWC and always have it handy. There is no longer a need to trailer your PWC's or pay for dedicated slip storage. When you want to use your swim platform for swimming, fishing, or general play, you can tilt the Rails up to the vertical position. Our thin-profile Frame bolts to your swim platform, and the shock-lift-arm makes it easy to raise the rails to the upright position where they remain until you are ready to lower them and load your PWC.

The tilt-up feature is also a significant advantage when you are maneuvering around the marina or in a cove. With the Rails tilted up, there is nothing extending beyond your swim platform. Another big advantage is that you can bring a runabout, ski boat, wakeboard boat, or fishing boat up along the end of your swim platform for easy loading and unloading. You can mount them over your ladder or beside your slide. The photos on this page will illustrate all these advantages.

These Deluxe feature upgrades are normally $275, but FREE with June orders. The standard Rail tubes have an open end with a single-side pivot bracket, no nylon bushings, and the rectangular tubing has a square edge. The deluxe Rails have enclosed pivot ends, a nylon bushing, and rounded top edges which provide broader glide surfaces for the UHMW runners. White powder coating is optional but available in June for half price. Click here to see a complete powder-coated Rail.


NOTE: This website has a lot of pictures on it showing various configurations, finishes, and model upgrades. It is important that you know exactly what the current models look like. Before you place your order, please CLICK HERE to see the current model with white powder coated finish.



_Jet Ski PWC Rail Lift for Houseboats Jet Ski PWC Rail Lift for Houseboats

Jet Ski PWC Rail Lift for Houseboats

The next picture shows the standard pivot ends. The Deluxe Features have enclosed ends and a heavy duty nylon bushing shown at the top of this page.


Jet Ski PWC Rail Lift for Houseboats

Jet Ski PWC Rail Lift for Houseboats


With the Rails tilted up as illustrated in the photo below, they are completely out of the way. Not only does this open up your entire swim platform for play or fishing, it allows you to bring your PWC, runabout, fishing boat, or other boat up along the back of your swim platform for easy loading, unloading, or tying up.

It also makes it easier to maneuver in a small cove or near your pier and gas dock without anything extending beyond your swim platform.



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