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Prices and Ordering

May Discount Pricing -- The prices listed below assume that you have reviewed the descriptions and options. Since we started offering the Tilt-Up Rails, EVERYONE has chosen that option, so we are offering that $450 FREE upgrade this month. In fact, most customers order all the "Recommended Options," so we have provided the sub-total with those options at $2295 in the green line below. About half our customers select the white powder coating, so we have listed that separately which brings the total up to $2495 in the yellow line.

Pricing Summary
Basic Adjustable-Angle Winch-Up Rails, 8 feet long for swim platform mounting, sanded aluminum finish (Standard Duty with 1/8" wall-thickness rail tubing, 2,000 pound winch with short control switch tether, Black Anti-Static UV-Resistant UHMW, 1 Gas Shock Lift Arm) 
Recommended Options - See Descriptions Here
      Tilt-Up System +$450, FREE if ordered in May
- 0 -
      Heavy Duty Rails with 1/4 " wall-thickness rail tubing, required if your swim platform is less than 4 feet front-to-back
      Synthetic Rope, 3/16" x 25 feet, installed on winch, to protect your hands, stronger than steel cable ($40 when purchased separately)
+ $25
      Sunbrella® Winch Cover Protector - Protect from rain
+ $35
      Second Gas Shock Lift Arm - Required with Heavy Duty Rails

      2500 Pound Marine Grade Winch with 18 feet of sheathed 8 AWG 12-Volt Wire and Ring Terminals, 12-Foot LED Control Switch +$320, FREE if ordered in May

- 0 -
      Deluxe Features: Enclosed Pivot Ends, Nylon Bushings, Rounded Rail Edges +$275, FREE if ordered in May
- 0 -
      Synthetic Winch Tether +$20, FREE if ordered in May
- 0 -
Sub-Total with above Recommended Options (sanded aluminum finish) $2295

      White Powder Coating +400, $200 if ordered in May


Sub-Total with the above Recommended Options and Powder Coating


12-Foot Long Rails for High-Deck Mounting Installations with Walkway between Rails (will include additional overland truck shipping cost)


Shipping Information - $50 to $100 Shipping Discounts if ordered in May!

The packaging of our standard 8-Foot Rails is 104x18x10 inches and 100 pounds. Shipping is usually $200 to $250 depending on your location within the Continental USA. But if you order in May we will ship for $150 and we will cover the difference.

Note: It cannot be shipped to a residentially-zoned address because it exceeds the 70-pound residential limit. So you will need to provide a commercially-zoned address. Many customers have us ship directly to their marina.

If you are outside the Continental USA, we can get an exact shipping quote when you confirm the quantity you want.

If you are ordering the 12-Foot Rails, please inquire about the shipping cost when you click the email link below. They require overland trucking.

With the $450 Tilt-Up Option FREE this month, the $275 Deluxe Features, plus the $320 Marine Grade Winch FREE this month, the $20 Synthetic Tether FREE this month, the $200 powder coating discount, and the $50 to $100 shipping savings, that is over $1300 of discounts if you place your order before the end of May.


As with all our product lines, we guarantee your satisfaction. If the PWC Rails don't meet your satisfaction, you may return them within 90 days for a full product refund (not including the shipping cost which will be deducted from the refund).

Order Form

When we have answered all your questions, please print and email or fax the Order Form to us. We will create an invoice from that information and send it right back to you. Please do not send a check until we send the invoice.

Click here to see the Printable PDF Order Form


The questions in this box ONLY apply to the Tilt-Up Rails for houseboats. If you are inquiring about the Cross-Deck lift systems for smaller cruisers or fiberglass boats, please click here to answer the questions relative to the Cross-Deck lift options .

If you are inquiring about the Tilt-Up PWC Rails, we invite you to send us an email letting us know the following information. We will reply with our feedback and recommendations. Click here to open an email with these questions on your computer.

1) Who is the manufacturer of your aluminum-hull houseboat?
2) What is its width and length?
3) Where is it located (body of water and state)?
4) What size is your PWC(s)? For instance, "a 3-seater Seadoo".
5) How many PWC Rails are you considering?
6) Are you just gathering information at this time, or are you wanting to get some Rails right away?
7) What is the approximate front-to-back depth of your swim platform? It needs to be at least 18 inches.
8) If not mounting on a boat with a swim platform, is it a dock, pontoon boat, or other application?

If you have any pictures of your houseboat, especially the rear, feel free to include those.

If you have any questions before ordering your Tilt-Up Rails, please call me at a 1-937-384-0003 (Eastern USA) or click the above link to send an email with as much of the above information as possible. We will reply quickly. We take great pride in fast communication and service.

Steve Divnick, President
Mobile: 1-937-384-0003 (Eastern USA)

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