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The Standard 8-Foot Regular Duty Winch-Up Model

Our standard non-tilting winch-up model includes the aluminum frame that bolts to your swim platform, has adjustable-angle rails that can be mounted to the frame at a variety of angles to fit the dimensions of your swim platform and height above the water, UHMW runners on top of the rails, a 12 volt winch with stainless steel mounting hardware. The 12-volt winch is made by WARN, the originator and market leader in recreational winches. It includes a quick-plug power-in-power-out pendant control with a 12-foot line so you can easily unplug the control pendant and lock it inside your houseboat so no one else can unload your PWC. It also has free-spool allows you to pull the cable out quickly.

Upgrade Options

1) Tilt-Up: Most people get the Tilt-Up Rails (+$200). In addition to being adjustable for the perfect loading angle, they easily tilt to a full upright position so your swim platform is completely open for play. It includes 1 gas-shock lift-arm that makes it easy to raise and remain upright until you are ready to lower it and load your PWC. No pins or bolt-changes are necessary.

Tilt-Up Advantages:

  • You have full use of your swim platform when your PWC is unloaded. With our Tilt-Up Rails, there is no need to give that up.
  • It allows you to bring your runabout, PWC, or other boat up alongside the back of your swim platform for easy loading and unloading. Conventional rails prevent that because they extend out the back.
  • It makes it easier to maneuver around your slip, gas docks and small coves without anything sticking out the back of the houseboat.
  • It makes it easier to bring the PWC up to the back of the swim platform to connect the winch line hook.
  • It makes it easier to put the cover on your PWC before winching it up. Otherwise, it is difficult to reach the back by climbing up and over the PWC...which requires a flexible gymnast!

Click here to see pictures of Tilt-Up Rails.

2) Heavy Duty Rails: Regular Duty Rails have 1/8" wall-thickness 2x4 inch rectangular tubing, and are 8 feet long. This will safely handle modern 3-seater PWC's if you have a swim platform that is at least 4-feet from front to rear. If it is shorter than 4 feet, we recommend the Heavy Duty Rails which are 1/4" thick tubing to handle the increased leverage and extended weight. If your swim platform is "close to 4 feet" another factor to consider is the size of your houseboat and how rough the water is where you cruise. A smaller houseboat will tend to "bounce" on the waves more than a larger boat, and that will add down-force on the Rails which would lead you to wanting the heavy duty rails. If you have any questions about whether or not you need heavy duty Rails, give us a call and we will discuss it with you. We will need to know the front-to-back length of your swim platform, the size of your PWC and houseboat, and where you cruise.

3) Synthetic Rope: A steel cable is standard on the winch. Synthetic Dyneema is available as a +$25 upgrade option. It is 3/16 x 20 feet (you will never need to reel out more than 10 or 12 feet). Dyneema has many advantages over steel, including:

  • Stronger. The same diameter synthetic rope is much stronger than steel cable. Even tow trucks are converting to synthetic.
  • No kinks. Steel cable ALWAYS kinks and crosses on the winch drum (as do nylon straps). Kinks don't happen with synthetic rope.
  • No memory. Steel cable becomes "springy" after being wound up on a drum. It makes it very difficult to handle and increases the kinks and bunching.
  • No sharp barbs. Steel cable strands eventually break and will tear up your hands. You can handle Dyneema without gloves.
  • Click here to see video comparisons of steel vs Dyneema.

Because you will be handling the cable so much, we strongly recommend the synthetic Dyneema upgrade.

4) Sunbrella® Winch Cover: Although the winches are considered water-resistant, we recommend the Sunbrella® winch cover to provide all-weather protection (+$35). It has a bungee-cord in the hem, so it fits and holds tightly around the winch. The cable extends out through a snapped opening to your PWC.
5) Second Gas Shock Lift Arm: The Tilt-Up PWC Rail kit includes 1 heavy duty gas shock lift arm. It assists in lifting the Rails and it keeps them safely upright. Gas shocks are common on rear doors of mini-vans and other vehicles. Because of the angle, the Rails stay down when lowered. As you begin to raise them up, the angle and lifting power increases the higher they go which keeps the Rails fully upright. In our application, with the Rails down, it is initially about the same as lifting 50 pounds with the heavy duty Rails and 25 pounds with the regular duty Rails. As soon as you lift them a little, the gas shock begins to exert its lifting power. One lift arm is enough for the Regular Duty while we recommend a second lift arm for the heavy duty Rails. You will see it on the Order Form as a $45 option.
6) Genuine Anderson Quick Connectors: Your winch is powered from any 12 volt battery with a pair of red and black 8-gage wires. The wires are hard-connected to the winch. Quick Connectors (+$20) allow you to unplug the winch which makes it easy to remove the winch for winter storage. Click here to read more about the Quick Connectors and wiring options.
7) 12-Foot Rails: The standard Rails are 8 feet long, and designed for mounting on swim platforms that are typically about 12 inches above the water. The longer 12-Foot Rails (+$300) are designed for high-deck mounting such as docks, pontoon boats, or houseboats without swim platforms. You can read more about them here. You can see a dock-mount photo below.
8) Walkway for 12-Foot Rails: You can order your 12-Foot Rails with a walkway in between the Rails that allows you to walk out to the end. This is not necessary on the 8-Foot Rails, but highly recommended for the 12-Foot Rails (+$175) which makes it easier to guide your PWC into the Rails with one hand on the rope while pressing the winch button with your other hand. They are made out of rugged 3/16 inch thick aluminum with foot-traction cutouts as shown in this picture of a 12-Foot Rail in the shop.

Ask if there are any coupon discounts available in February! Call Steve at 937-384-0003, 9am to 9 pm, Eastern USA


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